My name is Kim St. Claire and I must state that Coach Berry is awesome!  He is dedicated to making his clients have healthy, toned and beautiful bodies. He meets them where they are and propels them into divinity.  I only worked with coach for a short while, yet I believe that he deserves to be on public television so viewers can recognize his greatness. GO COACH! KIM ST. CLAIRE … [Read more...]

“Coach Berry has helped me to feel stronger and more confident!”

I’ve had the pleasure of both training with Coach Berry and observing his home gym in operation daily. Coach Berry has helped me to feel stronger and more confident to exercise without fear of hurting myself or looking foolish. I’ve observed him inspiring other clients. I noticed that his training program caused them to lose considerable amount of weight and got them back into shape. His … [Read more...]

“It doesn’t get any better than Coach!”

My name is Mary Jo Preti and I must articulate that Coach Berry has done a fabulous job working with our community college personal training interns.  He teaches by example.  His caring attitude towards his clients inspires our students. It doesn't get any better than Coach.  Mary Jo Preti  MS, MA … [Read more...]

“My cholesterol levels are significantly lower!”

My name is Melodee and I started working at Coach Berry's in June 2009 with my son who needed to do some strength training for high school baseball.  Once school started in September, with school, homework and sports he could no longer fit in work outs at Coach Berry's, but I continued to go.   I have worked out regularly for over 30 years, everything from aerobics, to running, weight lifting, … [Read more...]

“Coach Berry works at the gym every single day to guide and support us!”

My husband and I started training at Coach Berry's gym in January, after an illness my husband had. When my husband recovered we resolved to become more fit and healthy. My husband did not want to go to a gym at all, but was unable to keep up an exercise regimen at home alone. We saw Coach Berry's ad and came in one day and somehow were immediately impressed and at ease in his gym. His gym is … [Read more...]

“I have lost approximately 65 lbs. with Coach Berry!”

My name is Miriam Wright and I have lived near R.B. Berry for as long as my husband and I have lived on this base. When Coach Berry started his exercise classes, he came over and invited my husband and I to take a look at his equipment and even extended an invitation to join his classes. Well, needless to say, I turned down that invitation. I used to see all of “Berry’s Ladies” in the driveway … [Read more...]

“I no longer have the back and shoulder problem!”

My name is Pam Amico and Coach Berry is the best trainer ever.  I have been working with him over the last 11 years.  I am 36 and have three children. Coach Berry and his Staff are always able to get me back in shape after having my kids.  He is not only a great trainer but a highly motivating individual and caring person.  He is highly concerned for every person he trains and knows how to … [Read more...]

“This is the workout program that people are looking for!”

"You are morbidly obese." Those words from Coach Berry got my attention and started me on a healthier way of living. I am 63, and two years ago the time of that horrible announcement, my daughter gave me a one month membership to Coach Berry as a Christmas gift. What a wonderful gift it was! With Coach's help and following the personal food plan he gave me, I dropped 19 pounds in six … [Read more...]

“Coach Berry is a very special person with a huge heart, integrity, hard working and is incredibly caring for others!”

After medical, personal and financial setbacks, I inquired about coach, who came highly recommended by many in the community. I was looking to get back into a regular routine of working out and find some emotional balance through that as well. I found that his program is perfect for me, as he has accommodating flexible hours and diversified routines. Coach makes it very easy, as all I have … [Read more...]

“I am thankful for the help that Coach Berry has given me!”

This is a letter of appreciation to MSgt. Berry for his HELP in getting me to my military required weight with the use of his exercise program(s) and the use of some of his equipment to help in the never ending battle of health and vitality. He is very knowledgeable in nutrition which is more than half the problem of our society. I’m a 72 inch tall Marine that loves food and can eat throughout … [Read more...]

“I always leave the gym happier and stronger than when I arrived!”

I would like to take a few minutes of your time to tell you about a wonderful man I know.  His name is R.B. “Coach” Berry.  He is the owner of Dare to be Fit, which is a gym in Oceanside, CA. I met Coach Berry in 2002 because one of my employees had started training with him and I saw what an amazing change was going on in her weight loss and building of muscles and I wanted to know her … [Read more...]

“He has helped, motivated and changed many people’s lives!”

I met Coach Berry and started training with him 8 years ago after having my first child. I had extra baby weight that I needed to lose, and was not getting the results I wanted on my own. Coach put me on a nutrition plan and training schedule of 4 to 5 sessions a week. I immediately started getting the results I wanted. I lost about 20 lbs within a 3 month period and was becoming stronger and … [Read more...]

“I will never forget and will be eternally grateful to you for how you healed my back!”

Hi Coach, We finally got most of our gym equipment and are just waiting for a couple more pieces. JoAnn is so happy to have her own private gym and she can hardly believe it’s finally here. We thank you so very much for great training, letting us work out during the off hours, and for being so wonderfully kind to us. You are one of the nicest guys I’ve ever known. I will never forget and … [Read more...]

“Thanks for everything – YOU’RE THE BEST!”

My name is Karen Peterson and I would like to thank Coach Berry for his support and enthusiasm. I can't believe the changes I have gone through. I was a size 14 when I started with Coach Berry and now I am down to an 8! That's where I see the biggest difference. The combination of cardiovascular and weight training Coach Berry teaches is the key factor in my weight loss. He has taught me that … [Read more...]

“My weight dropped from 170lbs to 120lbs!”

My name is Tamara Smith and I would like to tell you about the greatest personal trainer in the world. I met Coach Berry in 1998 when I moved aboard Camp Pendleton from the Persian Gulf, I needed to loose about 50lbs and I didn't know how to exercise properly. I noticed Coach Berry's gym in his home, so I went to talk to him about an exercise program. He designed, implemented and supervised my … [Read more...]

“We can’t thank Coach Berry and his staff enough for their hard work and dedication!

My husband and I had the pleasure of first meeting Coach Berry a year ago. We have always been pretty active people, using a traditional gym. My husband and I were just not that happy with the results we were getting. From the moment we met Coach Berry, we knew he wasn’t your average trainer, nor his gym. Here is a man that has all the excitement and energy of a teenager. When he speaks … [Read more...]

“I have never been in better shape and more confident in myself!”

My Coach My name is Susan Hines and I met Coach Berry almost 2 years ago.  I was a 42 year old mom who had never had a regular exercise routine. With 3 kids and a very busy life, I was getting very discouraged with my constant weight gain and lack of energy.  Pain in my right knee and hip was causing me to limp for 1 to 3 hours each morning.  I had joined the YMCA, but I never went because I … [Read more...]

“I highly recommend Coach Berry!”

Coach Berry is not only very knowledgeable about health and fitness, but he is very evident that this is his calling and that he has a true and sincere passion for it. I have always found him to be warm, encouraging, and supportive to everyone who comes to his gym, no matter who they are. In addition he doesn’t let you slack off and settle for less. He encourages you regardless of what your … [Read more...]

“This is the most important thing I do each day for myself!”

My name is Pauline Tsoris and I’m a new member of this great fitness studio Dare to be Fit.  I am in my 70's. I have had two knee replacements and chronic back pain for many years.  Doctors suggested physical therapy for me. I tried it for 10 years, and it didn’t help.  In January 2010 I saw an orthopedic surgeon who recommended physical therapy. I told her I am not interested since it does not … [Read more...]


Coach Berry is a dynamo of positive life style. During your lifetime there are a few people you will meet that have a great impact on your life. Coach Berry is one of these people. He is dedicated to bring good health to you. His sincere interest is demonstrated by an incredible depth of knowledge of physical fitness, physical therapy, nutrition, sports training combined with skillful motivation … [Read more...]