“Why is Dare to be Fit Boot Camp Consistently Rated The #1
Fitness Boot Camp In Oceanside By Women and Men Just
Like You Who Want A Tight, Toned and Terrific Body
That Makes You Proud (and others jealous)?”

Because Dare to be Fit Boot Camp Gives You


Faster, Easier And A Heck of A Lot More Fun Than
Anything Else You Can Do…GUARANTEED!

From: Coach Berry R B

Dare To Be Fit Boot Camp

Dear Soon-To-Be-Super-Fit Boot Camper,

Look, here’s the “skinny” on getting the body you want…these are the options available to you:

  1. Join a gym: they’ll squeeze you for a hefty “initiation fee” and then whack your credit card every month…whether you show up or not. And if you do show up, don’t count on any support. In fact, unless you’re already one of those “hard body” types, they probably won’t even notice you. It’s a shame, but they’re all about selling memberships, not getting results.
  2. Hire a personal trainer: this is a good option, if you don’t mind shelling out $65-$120 per 45-minute session. And frankly, many personal trainers tend to focus more on weight training and long, slow (boring) cardio workouts. So you can have more fun, meet great people, and get what many agree is a better, faster, more efficient workout at Dare to be Fit Boot Camp.
  3. Restrictive calorie dieting: I’ve got lots to say about this, but I’m going to bite my tongue. Here’s the bottom line: YO-YO. Yes, you may drop some water weight (and you’ll definitely lose lean muscle)…in the short term…but then it all comes back. Because our bodies and minds rebel (they scream at you) when you starve them. Plus, dieting murders your metabolism.
  4. Weight loss center: you’ll probably get decent (and high-priced) nutritional advice, and they’ll probably try to sell you their meal replacements and supplements. Here’s how to know if this is right for you: take a look at the weight loss “counselors” in these places. If they have the kind of body you want, maybe they’re worth listening to. If not, not.
  5. Try and do it yourself: you may have already tried this option. And if so, you know how difficult it is going it alone… and how each time you try and don’t succeed, it takes a bite out of your confidence and your will power.
  6. Dare to be Fit Boot Camp for women: Fitness professionals and boot campers all agree…there is no faster, more certain way to get amazing weight loss and see-it-in-the-mirror fitness results. That’s why boot camps are taking the country by storm! So the question is not whether Dare to be Fit Boot Camp works. That’s already an established fact. The only question for you is…

…Do You Want Results Like This?

John Burgan

“If you are looking to change your lifestyle Coach Berry is your man!”

Under recommendations from my family I went to Coach Berry to see if he could help me with a chronic sore shoulder. We began a 1 month program to strengthen the muscles in the shoulder and upper body area. In that time my strength has much improved and the pain is less than half of what it was. It was not possible to alleviate all the pain as I found out I have a bone spur. I will have surgery however my recovery should be much quicker as Coach has had me on a shoulder strengthening regimen.

If you are looking to change your lifestyle Coach Berry is your man. He is aware, attentive,personable, knowledgeable and guides you throughout your exercises so that you do them correctly with out wasted effort. His staff is just as attentive and aware. It is a great gym all you need is the desire to change

John Burgan


Boot Camps are sweeping across the country, replacing old, tired, hard, long and boring exercise with new, energetic, simple, quick and fun Boot Camp workouts that get amazing results for women and men, regardless of your age or fitness history. Just try my Sixteen Days Sexy Slim Down and change your life.

Now you can be a part of the hottest trend in pant-size-reducing fitness results and begin transforming your body fast with Dare to be Fit Boot Camp. And you can even try us out completely free for one full week! But do so quickly, space is limited and Dare to Fit Boot Camp fills up fast.

And you can try us out with complete confidence that you are in expert hands, receiving expert guidance, coaching and support from Anchorage‘s most accomplished and respected fitness and body transformation specialists. In the past 10 years, my team at Dare to be Fit Boot Camp has helped more than 400 Oceanside residents get into the best shape of their lives. You already saw and heard from them above!

Here’s What You Can Expect From Dare To Be Fit Boot Camp:

  1. Sixteen Day Sexy Slim Down To Freedom: That’s all it takes – 16 days . And you will never be the same again after your Dare to be Fit experience. Your body will change, fat and inches will melt away, and the firm and fit you will emerge. That’s for certain. But what’s even more astonishing is how your “seize the day” attitude and zest for life will grow. You will get physical and emotional freedom in just sixteen days of Boot Camp. Read on to see how…
  2. Sixteen Days of FUN! Let’s face it…if it’s not fun…you don’t want to do it. Nobody does. That’s the #1 reason men and women struggle with their fitness and weight loss…they’re not having fun doing it! Not anymore. Dare to be Fit Boot Camp is TONS OF FUN. You’ll get a body-slimming workout, lose weight and inches, feel great about yourself, accomplish more, increase your energy and improve your life in so many ways…and you’ll have FUN doing it. Which is why you’ll keep coming back for more, and keep getting more and even better results with each passing week. You get three full weeks of fun workouts for just $67 for 16 Days. Bring a buddy at signup and I will let you split the $67.00 (you both pay $35.50 each for the Sixteen Day Challenge). You can choose to come to Boot Camp three times a week, or five. The more you come, the faster the results come.
  3. Lose Weight, Tighten, Tone and Firm Your Body, and Drop Dress Sizes Fast: Dare to be Fit Boot Camp is the undisputed “king of lean.”
  4. Feel Great About Your Accomplishment:If you’ve struggled with weight loss and fitness in the past, then rest assured that ends now!
    • Do you want the energy to meet all the demands on your life and time?
    • Do you want to zip through your day, blasting past co-workers or even out-running your kids?
    • Do you want to perform at optimum capacity, running your internal engine hard and fast all day long, effortlessly accomplishing twice as much without the stress – and with a permanent, real, enthusiastic and contagious smile on your face?
    • Do you want to feel like a million bucks from sun-up to sun-down and well into the evening, then sleep like a baby, waking up totally recharged, rejuvenated and ready to go?
  5. Meet Other Women Like You: Fun, enthusiastic, supportive folks who have the same goal you do – get their body back!
  6. Master Your Metabolism, Regardless of Your Age: And fire up your fat-burning furnace. Now you’ll be burning calories and fat 24/7 because your new lean muscle cranks up your metabolism like crazy!
  7. Friendly, Expert Guidance In a Supportive, Structured, Motivational and Accountable Program: I, along with our team of trainers, are all Certified fitness experts with years of experience and a long track record of success.
  8. Get Your Private and Public Victory: Nothing will make you feel better about you, and nothing will make others take notice of the “new you” faster than boot camp. You will be amazed.
  9. NO DIETING! Wooohoo! The dieting ends now. You see, we don’t just show you how to exercise for body transformation, we also coach you on nutrition. And one of the BIG lessons you’ll learn is how restrictive diets damage your metabolism. You’ll be eating more frequently, not less. And you’ll be eating many of your favorite foods.
  10. Get Twice As Much Done…And Feel Great Doing It: If you work inside or outside the home – you know how demanding the responsibilities are. Most people are in a constant state of overwhelm from all the activities and obligations in their lives. And at the end of the day…you’re pooped. Boot camp is the secret to increased productivity, reduced stress and twice as much energy.
  11. FREE, No-Obligation One-Week Test Drive: I hope this letter gives you an appreciation of all the benefits Dare to be Fit Boot Camp has to offer you. I hope you can see just how valuable and life changing this can be. But frankly, I understand if you don’t believe a word I say here. I recognize you may be skeptical and thinking, “Yeah, I’ve heard it all before.” And that’s okay. We haven’t met yet, and you haven’t tried out Dar to be Fit Boot Camp, so I may not be registering real high on your “believability meter” right now. That’s why I want you to come and try us out without risk or obligation – completely Complete the 16 day Sexy Slim Down – and you are not happy then, you can ask for a refund for you 16 days Slim Down.

Just say “Maybe.” Just maybe this is everything I’ve said it is. Just maybe this is exactly what you’re looking for. And just maybe this will be the last time you struggle with weight loss and fitness, and stress over your body and health…ever again. Just say maybe by clicking here to complete the no-cost registration form, and then come try us out sixteen days. If you love the experience and want to keep going, great! If not, we part friends and you don’t owe me a dime.

  1. Affordable, Convenient and Fast: You zip in and zip out. We start early so you get your personal victory first thing in the morning, preparing you to face your day with energy and excitement. Boot Camp is just $16 per workout, so it’s incredibly affordable. Please check out our calendar for days and times. We’re convenient to just about everyone!
  2. GUARANTEED RESULTS: After your first free class, if you decide to keep going, as everyone does, then here’s our rock-solid guarantee of results to you:
  3. More Fun: I know this has been kind of a long “list” of stuff you can expect from . And I appreciate you reading it all. Just the fact that you’ve read this far is a clear indication you are precisely the kind of person who can benefit the most from , and who will get the best results…because you take your health and fitness seriously. And we are very serious about results…but I want to tell you again that we get serious results…by having serious fun. Fun is the key. Fun is the secret. Because you have to have fun…or you won’t keep it up. Come join us and have fun while you burn the fat, melt away the inches, drop the dress sizes and take control – complete control – over your body, your health, your fitness and your life!

or call 760-967-6847 today

Look, for the past years, 30 years Dare to be Fit Program has helped thousands men and women get in the best shape of their lives. You can (and should) listen to what they have to say by watching the videos above (there are more here).

We’ve helped the most out of shape, sedentary folks get up off the couch and get back into life – we’ve helped high-level athletes achieve peak performance – and we’ve helped everyone in between. We have fitness and fat loss results down to a science. We know how to make it fun and engaging…for everyone… regardless of your age, fitness level and past experiences. Dare to be Fit is Known as the Fountain of Youth because many of our client look and feel 15 to 20 years younger.

If you’ve tried and failed, or tried and gotten results, only to backslide…you are not alone. That is the experience so many people have, and we have the system and the program to put you back on top – to get you moving and grooving again – loving life again – feeling great again – taking back control and getting the body you really, truly want…and deserve.

We will put you on the fast track to the tight, toned, lean, firm and fit body you deserve, I guarantee it. Just say “maybe” and give us a try!

Or Call 760-967-6847 Today

Thanks very much for taking the time to read my letter and watch the videos from folks just like you. They’re all getting body transforming results (and having fun doing it), and you can be next. Just click here to take a free one class test dive with no obligation at all.

I look forward to seeing you in camp!


To your best body ever,


P.S. If you have questions, give us a call at 760-967-6847. We look forward to speaking with you and seeing you in camp!

P.P.S. Don’t forget, you can try out Dare To Be Fit Boot Camp completely free for one full week. Click here to take us for a FREE test drive without any obligation at all (but hurry, fills up fast!)

P.P.P.S. Fitness boot camps are exploding across America for one BIG reason: Women and men get fantastic body-changing results faster than any other method…and have FUN doing it! If results and fun are what you want, and if support and accountability are what you need, then the choice is obvious. Register right now for one FREE class!