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Coach Berry at 54 and getting younger by the year. Dare to be Fit!

A 3800 sq.ft. Personal Training Studio in business for seven years. The company was founded by me, Coach Berry R.B., a retired Marine Master Gunnery Sergeant. I spent over 25 years serving our great country as a United States Marine. I had many duties to accomplish as a Marine, and one of those duties was the Semper Fit Program the Marines started (health and fitness awareness to maintain good health). I took charge of the program for every unit I served in during that time.

I was able to help many marines who were on weight control programs, and who were failing, and I helped them reach their goals. I have been training marines and civilians for 30 years. I have to say that we have seen it all. We are able to work with all ages from 10 years old to 90 years old.

Yes, kids need exercise and support just like the adults in their lives. Too many kids are obese due to lack of activity in their lives and poor diets. As you view my site more you will see the amazing result and the difference in our client’s lives they achieved here at Dare to be Fit Personal Training Studio.

We’re Ranked as a Top 5 Trainer!

We have three addition trainers here at Dare to be Fit who are certified and well trained to ensure you reach you health and fitness goals. I can say they are well trained because I personally trained them myself on The Dare to be Fit System. We all speak the same language, so you won’t be confused during your sessions.

Trainers : Tyrone Berry, Coach’s Son seven years at Dare to be Fit.
Trainer: Ray Garrett, Seven year at Dare to be Fit.
Trainer: Sean Spence, Eight months at Dare to be Fit.

Dare to Be Fit Coach Berry’s Studio

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Coach Berry Oceanside’s Top Fitness Expert, has help changed so many lives in Oceanside and North County San Diego with his Dare to be Fit Program. Below is just a few of our successful clients (we have hundreds). Watch the videos on my website then call me personally on my cell 760-522-1805. I truly want to help your get started right away. That’s why I giving you my personal number (We really care about you). Don’t forget to signup for your free reports on how burn fat, build muscle, and get into Phenomenal Shape Fast! We also have a free Dare to be Fit Fitness Magazine for you loaded with great content to assist you in your quest for better health. There is also 814 recipes in the magazine.

We’re Ranked as a Top 5 Trainer!