“This is the workout program that people are looking for!”

“You are morbidly obese.”

Those words from Coach Berry got my attention and started me on a healthier way of living.

I am 63, and two years ago the time of that horrible announcement, my daughter gave me a one month membership to Coach Berry as a Christmas gift. What a wonderful gift it was! With Coach’s help and following the personal food plan he gave me, I dropped 19 pounds in six weeks. I had never been so successful and I have had gym memberships before. Now two years later, I wear a size 10, have lots of energy, golf, horseback ride, and take part in whatever activity attracts me. During those two years, I hit some plateaus but Coach Berry was there to talk through the discouragement. Being a member of Coach’s “Dare To Be Fit” means having a trainer work with you EVERY time that you are there.

I go five days a week. Now that I am retired, it has become the way I
start my day. Coach says, “You just get in the door and we’ll do the
rest!” That is exactly right whether it is a pep talk you need or
coaching on the machines so that you are getting optimal results.

This is the workout program that people are looking for.

Rosella Childers

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