I appreciate you Coach Berry as a man, a Coach and a businessman!

My name is Ziggy Porzig. I am a personal trainer and the owner of a small gym in Oceanside CA called Unique Harmony Fitness. Let me start off by saying there is a huge jump from being a Trainer to owning your own gym. I genuinely thought that with 17 years of working as a Technician in Physical Therapy, planning and trade marking my Wellness business for 12 years and being a mobile Trainer for 3 … [Read more...]

Thanks You Coach Berry. Enough Tools and Knowledge to Last a Year!

I recently visited Coach Berry at his Oceanside studio, and all I can say is “WOW!” Originally, I was hoping to see what someone a little farther “down the road” in the fitness business was doing, and maybe pick up a few tips and tricks... When I left Coach’s gym, a had at least 3 MAJOR pieces of the fitness business puzzle that I was fairly clueless about when I walked in earlier, not to … [Read more...]

WOW! Let Me Tell You About Coach Berry And Dare to be Fit Personal Training

My name is Iesha Iwobi and I have been a member of Coach Berry’s Dare to be Fit Program for about 3 years now. During the summer of my junior year in high school, I began strength training with Coach Berry and his amazing trainers. I needed a trainer that could give me various exercises that would enable me to build muscle, speed, as well as flexibility. Coach Berry’s studio was able to offer me … [Read more...]

“Thank you, cannot justly express my appreciation for you, your support, and ALL you have done!”

Dear Coach, Just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU!...for having supported me and my health for over 15 years through my personal highs and lows, knee problems, shoulder problems, scheduling problems, preparing for the rock n roll marathon, physical therapy after the marathon and double knee surgery after that. Not to mention before and after my shoulder and EAR surgeries!! You have been … [Read more...]

Coach Berry Was My Mentor and Coach!

Hello my name is Jackie Christiansen and I want the world to know about Coach Berry and his Dare to be Fit Program located in Oceanside, California. I trained with Coach Berry over 10 years ago to take my training up a notch. What I received back then was so much inspiration, motivation and someone who truly cared about me and my results. What a wonderful environment to thrive in. There were some … [Read more...]

“Thank you Coach for the renewed energy and vigour!”

My name is Bianca Aiono, I'm a Personal Training studio owner living on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia and I built my business out of the boot of my car 3 years ago with a single client. Today my team of 5 and I have helped almost 1000 Sunshine Coast residents lose almost 7000 kilos of body fat and I have won multiple awards for my fully equipped private studio. I first heard about Coach … [Read more...]

“Thank you Coach Berry for all your help and support!”

My name is Israel LoBue a Fit Body Boot Camp Owner in Southern California. I met Coach Berry a true expert, at Fitness Business Summit 11 Conference in Orange County, California. I was extremely impressed and grateful for what he had to share with me. He was very easy to talk to and was so eager to help me out by share all his extensive knowledge in order to help me grow my business. Coach … [Read more...]

“Thanks Coach Berry for setting me on the right path!”

I stepped into Coach Berry's amazing studio Dare to be Fit and to my surprise I didn't find a run of the mill studio as I have seen many times in the past. This was a state of the art personal training studio! It's larger than most personal training studios. Dare to be Fit has an insane amount of equipment and more importantly it has Coach Berry. This Man has more experience in this field than … [Read more...]

Thank you Coach!!!

My name is Ali Morrow, I am 25 years old and have finally decided to become a personal trainer. I have been inspired for years by my fitness expert Coach Berry! Coach Berry began training me when I was only 15 years old. He was able to help me to achieve a strong, healthy and lean body. I hadn’t seen Coach Berry for nearly 10 years since moving to Santa Barbara for college. Now 10 years, I decided … [Read more...]

“I’m honored that we have Coach Berry as a VIP member and part of the NPE Community!”

Sean NPE: Thursday I sent out an email talking about the “King of Social Proof” Coach RB Berry of Oceanside, CA and a 3-step formula on how you get more more ‘social proof’ to use in your own marketing. The first step in the entire process is to OVERDELIVER and give your clients everything they need to feel supported and achieve tremendous results. Because once you’ve done THAT… it all … [Read more...]

“I would highly recommend that anyone looking to make positive changes in their fitness business contact him immediately!”

My wife and I recently had the privileged opportunity to visit and learn from Coach Berry at his studio in California as part of our vacation this past August 2010.  Although we were on our vacation and looking to escape from work and the occasional stress that follows, we found ourselves smiling from ear to ear and our heart rate slowing down as we received clarity, direction and a better … [Read more...]

We certainly had a “WOW” experience!

WOW! Coach Berry! Recently, my husband, Jason, and I read a post from the NPE by a fellow NPE member who had just visited Coach Berry in San Diego because she was interested in more information about what he does. What she shared of her experience was enough for Jason and I to decide that when we would be traveling to Los Angeles from Buffalo, NY just two weeks later, we would have to set up … [Read more...]

Wow! Our visit from Coach Berry was fabulous!

Coach Berry’s 1st Consulting with us in Florida at two Gyms Meeting Minutes 7/2/08 Attending: Andrew, Regina, Julie, Bonnie, Meric, Tony, Kristin, Taylor & Donna. Wow! Our visit from Coach Berry was fabulous! Use what you heard, saw, and learned and blow it up—make it your code. Around the room: tell me what you learned from Coach and how you will apply it- Regina: his … [Read more...]

WOW Coach Berry!

I just had to share this with NPE. I am currently on vacation in my Hometown, Oceanside, California visiting my family and attending my High school reunion. A few months back I was reading something in my VIP material that mentioned Coach Berry of Oceanside. I thought, "Wow! Someone is cranking it in my hometown!" I knew the next time I went home to visit I was going to somehow get myself in … [Read more...]