“My cholesterol levels are significantly lower!”

My name is Melodee and I started working at Coach Berry’s in June 2009 with my son who needed to do some strength training for high school baseball.  Once school started in September, with school, homework and sports he could no longer fit in work outs at Coach Berry’s, but I continued to go.
I have worked out regularly for over 30 years, everything from aerobics, to running, weight lifting, and group personal training.  Never in the past, have I ever worked as effective as I do at Coach Berry’s.  He has a way of pushing you in a way that causes you to create higher expectations from yourself.  You want to finish that extra set for yourself, not because he is telling you to do it.
When I started working out at Coach Berry’s my cholesterol was on the cusp of my doctor prescribing medications and my doctor told me to lose some weight.  I joined Weight Watcher’s where I managed to lose 5 pounds, but my cholesterol levels stayed the same.  After six months at Coach Berry’s my cholesterol levels are significantly lower, the nurse that called to give me my results asked if I was taking medications for it, when I told her I was not, she encouraged me to keep doing what I was doing because it was working.
Melodee Cartin
Oceanside, CA

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