“I truly am in the best shape of my life thanks to Coach Berry!”

My name is Laura Irwin. My husband and I joined a gym that Coach Berry was training at prior to opening his own studio 10 years ago. I was 39 and wanted to lose about 15 pounds and gain muscle before my 40th birthday. I signed my husband and daughter up with Coach Berry and I signed up with a female trainer thinking that I would feel more comfortable and she would have more knowledge about … [Read more...]

“He really cares about people!”

Coach Berry is the best.  He has a unique system at Dare To Be Fit Training Studio.  It is not your typical gym experience.  His studio is like home away from home.  It is warm and friendly, like family.  For the amount people pay for personal trainers (and I am one, so I know), Coach offers a great monthly rate that allows you to use his studio and be trained by a professional trainer as often as … [Read more...]

“Coach Berry cares about the health of people!”

Hello my name is Carol Dillard. I began working with Coach Berry because I was experiencing pain in my hip and lower back. He saw me limping and assured me that he could help me correct the problem. After going to his studio I found that he was very knowledgeable and quite personable. He explained that in order to have a healthy body, one had to pay attention to eating habits as well as … [Read more...]

“I let everyone know where I workout and sing your praise!”

Hi Coach Berry, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your kindness and generosity you have extended to me. You have helped me change my life and restore my health. You encourage and lift people’s spirits when they come into your Studio. You give your energy everyday to help us all believe that nothing is impossible if we show up and do the work. Being in your Studio on my good and … [Read more...]

“You always receive 110% effort from the Coach!”

My name is Chandra Young. I would like to tell you about an amazing person who has helped change my life and many others, my Trainer Coach Berry. I’ve been active in competitive sports such as gymnastics, track and field, and cheerleading in high school and college for 13 years. I really thought my body was conditioned and in good shape until I met Coach Berry. I started training with coach … [Read more...]

“My body is changing and I am finally noticing and others in the gym are noticing!”

Why Coach Berry is right for me? He is wonderful!  I think what has impressed me most is his genuine concern for his clients.  I have left him once for 5 months and once for 9 months and the last time for about a year and a half.  Yes, three times is a charm!  I do not plan on leaving again.  Each time I had seen some other trainer and felt they wanted money and basically there interest stop … [Read more...]

“He was relentless, professional and extremely funny!”

I am extremely disappointed to lose Coach Berry because of my relocation to Virginia. He was responsible for organizing, motivating and inspiring and designing an exercise program for me. In short, he took me from a few pounds less than the weight I was before giving birth to my second child; to one in which I am healthy, happy and fit. Furthermore, his management skills were evident through his … [Read more...]

“I don’t want to miss a day’s workout!”

Coach Berry and his Personal Training Studio experience is the best part of my day. He started with a 59 year old skinny woman that was under weight, had zero energy, no muscle tone, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Coach Berry help me turned it all around with such a positive experience. Now at 64, with no medical problem and stronger than ever; I don't want to miss a day's workout. … [Read more...]

“I know I have added years of physical activity to my life and I know I have Coach Berry to thank!”

After thirty plus years of sedentary professional work, I quit a forty year smoking habit and started bulking up. After gaining too many pounds and seeing no end in sight I was encouraged to do something to gain control over my body and my future. I picked Coach Berry because he was trained by the military and then he trained the military. Coach Berry has enabled me to feel fit and strong. My … [Read more...]

“You are absolutely amazing!”

You are absolutely amazing. All the doctors and surgeries I have over the last few years have not helped me the way you have. I was in major pain every day, and you took most of that away :) I was weak, now I'm strong, sad now happy, broken now fixed, self-conscious, now confident, hopeless now looking forward to a wonderful life, before I just wanted to make it through another day... I am so glad … [Read more...]

“I can honestly say that Coach Berry’s best attributes are his care for the people he trains!”

Hi my name is Brisselis Owen and I have been training with Coach Berry for the last 8 years and his professionalism is above reproach. He has helped me and many others to focus and continue with a life long struggle to maintain a level of fitness to safeguard my health. His fitness program has reduced my blood pressure to acceptable limits and I have much more energy for my day to day … [Read more...]

“Coach Berry rocks!”

Hi my name is Brody, I went to coach Berry consistently in the summer of 2006. Coach Berry helped me gain twenty pounds of lean muscle and showed me the proper form for various exercises. He put me on a nutrition program with higher protein and calorie needs because I was severely under weight. He taught me resistance training to help achieve my goal. Coach Berry keeps you going, wanting more, … [Read more...]

“Always willing and eager to help out!”

My name is Bruce Bender; my wife and I began working out at Coach Berry's studio just two months ago.  I was in sad shape having spent about 15 years slowly becoming more sedentary. A New Year's resolution and the will to improve led us to the Coach.  He knew exactly what I needed and started me on a personal program tailored for improvement. The first thing that I discovered was the things I … [Read more...]

“Coach Berry has a unique approach to fitness!”

My name is Christina Ebert and Coach Berry has been such an inspiration to me over the past 10 years since I have known him. He continues to help people of all ages in their journey to lose weight and get in shape. I have been going to Coach Berry on and off for the past 10 years. He continues to be dedicated to me, even when I am not dedicated to myself. He never gives up and always has … [Read more...]

“Our expectations were surpassed beyond belief!”

Recently, my husband, Jason, and I read a post from NPE by a fellow NPE member who had just visited Coach Berry in San Diego because she was interested in more information about what he does. What she shared of her experience was enough for Jason and I to decide that when we would be traveling to Los Angeles from Buffalo, NY just two weeks later, we would have to set up an appointment to meet with … [Read more...]

“Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!!!”

Dear Coach Berry, Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!!!!!!!!! Words are not adequate to express my appreciation for what you have done and are doing with me through the training program. I often recall the many weeks of pre-training coaching. Your visits at work encouraging me to come and try it out helped me take the first step. At that time I felt it would be great, but that I could … [Read more...]

“I am a 70 year old inline speed skater!”

I am a 70 year old inline speed skater, who due to advanced age, could not perform the way I used to not so long ago. A friend of mine, who trains with me (I still compete in some races), convinced me to visit Coach Berry with the promise of “turning back the clock” on me. After the first visit to Coach Berry’s Studio, I was very impressed about the variety and quality of fitness equipment and … [Read more...]

“WOW service!”

My wife and I recently had the privileged opportunity to visit and learn from Coach Berry at his studio in California as part of our vacation this past August 2010.  Although we were on our vacation and looking to escape from work and the occasional stress that follows, we found ourselves smiling from ear to ear and our heart rate slowing down as we received clarity, direction and a better … [Read more...]

“I enjoyed the time we spent with him and hope that others will too!”

This has been one of the major arguments that I’ve encountered every time I’ve talked to a non-believer about the positive effects that Coach Berry’s program can and will have on you. It’s simple, when was the last time you used the free gym stuff? We are Americans and we put out money where our passion is. Believe me if you put down the cheeseburgers, you can find the cash to invest into your … [Read more...]

“I felt healthy, was eating healthier, and in turn was much happier and more confident and actually wanted to exercise!”

My name is Judy. I am 48 years old and mother of 2 boys, ages 7 & 10. I am a Breast Cancer Survivor and a client of Coach Berry’s and the “Dare to be Fit” Studio. I was referred to the coach by my hair stylist in 2006, about 1 year after moving to CA from AZ. I worked with the coach 3 times a week and within the first 3 months I lost 10 lbs., then another 5, and totally transformed my … [Read more...]