“Coach Berry has helped me to feel stronger and more confident!”

I’ve had the pleasure of both training with Coach Berry and observing his home gym in operation daily.

Coach Berry has helped me to feel stronger and more confident to exercise without fear of hurting myself or looking foolish. I’ve observed him inspiring other clients. I noticed that his training program caused them to lose considerable amount of weight and got them back into shape. His methods and advice advocate changes that encourage lifelong fitness.

He has loaned me equipment to continue working out when I was unable to get to his gym. He is very aware of his client’s schedules and has altered his hours of operation to accommodate them.

Coach Berry has a great deal of diversity in training techniques and the personality to accommodate both genders and all age groups. His business continues to enjoy success through word of mouth advertising from satisfied clients, and by his own examples of personal physical fitness…

I would recommend Coach R.B. Berry to my friends and to those seeking to become physically fit for life.

Lorraine Detweiler

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