Personal Fitness Training Is for Everyone

R.B. Berry (Coach Berry) is a certified personal trainer with 25 years of experience in the area of weight lifting, exercise, and nutrition. He has a certification in CPR. I specialize in fitness and nutritional counseling, personal instruction and supervision for people of all ages. He loves helping people get fit and stay fit.

Coach designs each program to fit the needs of the individual and help each one reach their personal physical goal. He trains family members, friends, active duty marines, housewives, youth, athletes and many others.

Coach Berry’s clients are properly trained to use each individual exercise equipment to help achieve the best results, always keeping safety a priority. He keeps a portfolio of every client and their success stories, click here to check them out.

The Dare to be Fit is a personal training facility that provides clients with fitness services from one-on-one personal training sessions to small group training and weight management programs. During the past seven years in business ,we have created a strong niche market in the rapidly growing fitness industry. We offer clients who are trying to lose weight, improve health and enhance self-image all the tools and guidance necessary to achieve their desired results.

We provide education, motivation, and accountability to people who have typically failed at least once in trying to improve their fitness level. Our services are tremendously effective, and we have gathered over 100 testimonials from current and previous clients extolling the benefits of what we have provided them. The Dare to be Fit Studio has grown steadily and consistently over the past seven years. If you have 300 lbs or only 10 lbs you need to lose, we can and will help you reach your goals. Just take a look for yourself at the people who have lost 100 lbs or more with our system and program. Now, look again at the young to the senior and you will notice that they all look great. We are dead serious about your health and fitness goals.

The better you look the better we look! We offer one of the best deals heard of for small group training (only $300.00 per month for unlimited training). That comes out to $75.00 per week: the price of one 1hr personal training session in some other gym. Take the same money you are killing yourself with every week and use it for your good health.

We help save Marines’ careers by assisting them in getting of weight control so they can stay in the service. You will also be passed over for promotion if you are not within the military weight standards (we can help you). It is time to join the rank of the fittest (Dare to be Fit).