“Coach Berry works at the gym every single day to guide and support us!”

My husband and I started training at Coach Berry’s gym in January, after an illness my husband had. When my husband recovered we resolved to become more fit and healthy. My husband did not want to go to a gym at all, but was unable to keep up an exercise regimen at home alone.

We saw Coach Berry’s ad and came in one day and somehow were immediately impressed and at ease in his gym. His gym is low key and relaxed, a real family environment. His son is even one of the trainers there. There is no atmosphere of competitiveness or vanity.

The feeling is of a community of real people who love coach Berry and are all supporting each other to keep fit and strong! Coach Berry works at the gym every single day to guide and support us. The other trainers are as committed to our fitness as he is. We basically just come in and they know exactly what needs to be accomplished that day. They remember what weight level we are on. They are constantly mixing up the workout so it is never boring, and the best part is that once you start going to Coach Berry’s, you somehow feel bad if you miss days!

Coach Berry has the talent to keep us motivated to come back, and that is indeed very hard to find. We know all the other members there by face if not name, and are always saying hello and smiling to keep each other motivated during the strenuous workouts. Coach Berry is
certainly not cheap, but the money is well worth it and it is a testimony to his effectiveness that even with the steep fee his members sign up every month, every year, for more.

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