“My weight dropped from 170lbs to 120lbs!”

My name is Tamara Smith and I would like to tell you about the greatest personal trainer in the world. I met Coach Berry in 1998 when I moved aboard Camp Pendleton from the Persian Gulf, I needed to loose about 50lbs and I didn’t know how to exercise properly. I noticed Coach Berry’s gym in his home, so I went to talk to him about an exercise program. He designed, implemented and supervised my exercise program and provided guidance on nutrition. He led by example and taught me to be self-reliant. 

I was able to achieve my goal. My weight dropped from 170lbs to 120lbs and I am in the best shape of my life! When my husband returned from his 7-month deployment, he was very happy and proud of my results. If you are looking for a qualified and motivated trainer who is interested in your health and well being, then I highly recommend you contact Coach Berry. You won’t regret it!

Tamara Smith

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