“I highly recommend Coach Berry!”

Coach Berry is not only very knowledgeable about health and fitness, but he is very evident that this is his calling and that he has a true and sincere passion for it. I have always found him to be warm, encouraging, and supportive to everyone who comes to his gym, no matter who they are. In addition he doesn’t let you slack off and settle for less. He encourages you regardless of what your body type or fitness level is and challenges and motivates you to take it to another level. His passion is contagious and motivating.

I never thought I’d ever be one to do any type of personal training, but thanks to Coach Berry, Tyrone, and Ray, I can see and feel my body changing and getting stronger as a result. Although I still have a ways to go, I know that I would have never made the progress that I have made on my own. In the past I emphasized doing cardiovascular workouts and avoided doing too many weights
because I didn’t particularly want to look like a bodybuilder. But I’ve learned that when you do weights the right way, they make such a BIG difference in your fitness…and also that doing weight training doesn’t have to make you look like a bodybuilder.

Coach Berry has helped hundreds of others get fit and he’s got the “before” and “after” pictures to prove it! He not only “talks the talk”, but he “walks the walk” by his example of consistently working out also. He also stresses healthy nutrition and emphasizes that exercise and the proper diet work hand in hand. Although I’m still working on the nutrition part, it’s slowly sinking in. And in spite of how tired I feel sometimes, I always leave the gym more energized and motivated. I enjoy coming to work out at his gym and it has also given me a “boost” mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I highly recommend Coach Berry!

He is and has been a true blessing!


Sheryl Jones

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