Coach Berry is a dynamo of positive life style. During your lifetime there are a few people you will meet that have a great impact on your life. Coach Berry is one of these people. He is dedicated to bring good health to you. His sincere interest is demonstrated by an incredible depth of knowledge of physical fitness, physical therapy, nutrition, sports training combined with skillful motivation to keep you on track. I have witnessed the changes that bring joy and celebration to his clients as they not only reach their goals, but surpass them. Coach Berry is a master at his profession and has reached a pinnacle of perfection as a fitness and life style coach for a broad spectrum of clients from young to old, male or female, fit or not. By the time you finish a program with Coach Berry, you will be the best you have ever been in your life.

For myself, I could not be more pleases or excited about life after meeting and training with Coach Berry. Starting with a grumpy 56 year old at 160+ pounds and 33% body fat, I have been transformed to at age 60 to 125 pounds and 19% body fat. That is just the surface and fun stuff. The real story is what has happened inside. I am stronger, more flexible, have boundless energy, a positive outlook on life, greater mental performance, and in terrific health. The cardio- vascular conditioning, respiratory capacity, and bone strength have all improved. Additional benefits include vibrant, toned skin, and healthy hair and nails.

It is pure joy to have the energy to go, the power to make it work, the capability of being in control of my mental, emotional, and physical aspects of my well- being. Looking great, feeling fantastic, and being able to perform—this is my fountain of youth!

Marilyn Larez

Coach Berry’s client for life since January 2001

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