“You are absolutely amazing!”

You are absolutely amazing. All the doctors and surgeries I have over the last few years have not helped me the way you have. I was in major pain every day, and you took most of that away 🙂 I was weak, now I’m strong, sad now happy, broken now fixed, self-conscious, now confident, hopeless now looking forward to a wonderful life, before I just wanted to make it through another day… I am so glad I didn’t give up and so blessed to have met you and all the boys at Dare to Be Fit! I never imagined going to see you would be so life changing and a major part of my life! Family and friends can’t believe the transformation in me from a few months ago. It is hard work, but you make it all worth it. Gives me something fun and exciting to look forward to every day! I won’t let you down. Sorry for getting so emotional. But you make a difference and touched so many people’s lives. I can not imagine not having my Coach Berry … xoxo Alexandra

Thank You Coach Berry.

Alexandra Saiz

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