“I enjoyed the time we spent with him and hope that others will too!”

This has been one of the major arguments that I’ve encountered every time I’ve talked to a non-believer about the positive effects that Coach Berry’s program can and will have on you. It’s simple, when was the last time you used the free gym stuff? We are Americans and we put out money where our passion is. Believe me if you put down the cheeseburgers, you can find the cash to invest into your health.

First my story, I had an ACL surgery and I was having a hard time with rehabilitation. So as a last ditch effort to get reenlisted, I signed on with Coach Berry. In 4 weeks I went from dreading an abs machine called “Big Bertha” to jumping the fence to “get some”. My knee was stronger, my pull ups increased from a dismal 4 to a respectable 10 reps. Did I mention I was only with Coach Berry for 2 months? You can kid yourself if you want to and tell yourself the lie that you will do it on your own, but if you’re reading this letter that means for whatever reason you haven’t. Coach Berry brings something to the table that is hard to find; Compassion and devotion. You already know that, that is the real key to success, by knowing that someone cares and will help you get over the hump. I knew that Coach was at the gym waiting to crack the whip and that was exactly what I needed. But you know not everyone needs the whip, but some need gentle encouragement. After 24 years in the Corps, Coach Berry knows the difference, just listen to my wife’s story.

My name is Jennifer and I am Davy’s wife of 5 years. We have a 2 year old daughter. When I was pregnant with her, I gained 100 lbs! That is a lot of weight to gain on a 5’5” frame. I lost 80 lbs within the first year. I had a hard time losing the last 20 lbs though. We met Coach Berry and noticed how passionate he was about helping people achieve their goals. In our first 2 weeks with him, we could not get enough of the workouts he provided. I went to the gym every single day and loved it. I eventually made it a habit to make sure I did at least 4 days a week and did that for 2 months. Not only did I feel better about myself, but I noticed that I had a ton of energy that I haven’t felt in years. I also lost the weight that I had been trying so hard to lose for 2 years. Coach Berry was very inspirational to my husband and me. He pushed us because he really cared. He called us every single time we weren’t there, and sometimes would show up at our house when he couldn’t reach us. This kind of initiative comes from the heart. He totally did not have to do all that he did. He enjoys helping others feel great, and has so much energy that it motivates you. Even when we decided to stop going because we were moving to Florida, Coach would come to our house and had pamphlets made for us on exercise and nutrition. He wanted to make sure that even though we were not working out with him, that we were working out. I enjoyed the time we spent with him and hope that others will too.

Good luck on your journey and here’s a million thanks to Coach Berry

Thank You,
Jennifer Sauls

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