“I felt healthy, was eating healthier, and in turn was much happier and more confident and actually wanted to exercise!”

My name is Judy. I am 48 years old and mother of 2 boys, ages 7 & 10. I am a Breast Cancer Survivor and a client of Coach Berry’s and the “Dare to be Fit” Studio.

I was referred to the coach by my hair stylist in 2006, about 1 year after moving to CA from AZ. I worked with the coach 3 times a week and within the first 3 months I lost 10 lbs., then another 5, and totally transformed my body. I was the most toned I had ever been in my entire life. I actually had defined muscles, no flabby abs or triceps. I could wear tank tops and shorts confidently. I felt healthy, was eating healthier, and in turn was much happier and more confident and actually wanted to exercise.

I have never worked with someone as dedicated to their clients as the coach. He is a natural motivator. His encouragement and praise keeps you focused on your desire to continue your exercise plan and improve your overall health.

His studio is different than any other. He will train you personally or in a small group setting. You get one on one attention either way. On the group workouts, you can train everyday if you wish for one low, flat rate, monthly fee. This makes it affordable for everyone. Coach Berry has many years of experience and will guide you to make sure you are maintaining proper form and getting the most benefit from the workout session.

Our family was transferred back to AZ in 2008 and I have truly missed the coach. I have searched for someone like Coach Berry in AZ but they either lack the experience, the motivation, or that caring attitude. The coach will keep you accountable to your exercise routine and well-being.

Last year in March of 2009 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, had a bilateral mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. I completed 6 months of chemotherapy. I lost a lot of weight, muscle mass and overall strength. I am happy to say I am in complete remission but knew I needed to see the coach to start training to gain my strength back. He is the only one I trust to work with. Coach Berry has worked with many clients with physical and medical challenges and has transformed their health, weight, and outlook on life!

I recently visited CA and went to see the coach. We completed a training session and he sent me back with a work out routine to begin my journey back to health, exercising and eating right. I plan on keeping in constant contact with Coach Berry for his advice and expertise and plan to visit “Dare to be Fit” studio every chance I get! Coach…Thanks for helping me! You are the best!

All my best,

Judy Smith

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