“I am a 70 year old inline speed skater!”

I am a 70 year old inline speed skater, who due to advanced age, could not perform the way I used to not so long ago. A friend of mine, who trains with me (I still compete in some races), convinced me to visit Coach Berry with the promise of “turning back the clock” on me.
After the first visit to Coach Berry’s Studio, I was very impressed about the variety and quality of fitness equipment and the knowledge and dedication of Coach Berry and Tyrone, his son and assistant.

I have been driving over 100 miles twice a week to go to Coach Berry’s Studio but I don’t mind because it is worth it. After just a few visits, I started noticing chest and upper body improvement (due to narrow shoulders, my upper body always looked like a youngster in spite of stronger legs). I can see and appreciate now the big change!

My leg strength has been coming back too and I feel 10 years younger already. By the way, I was able to celebrate my 70th birthday by skating 70 miles. I am planning to skate 100 miles again soon as I used to. I feel I am almost ready.

I really recommend Coach Berry to anyone who wants to “discover the Fountain of Youth” or refuse to feel old.

Esteban (Steve) Abenoza

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