“I know I have added years of physical activity to my life and I know I have Coach Berry to thank!”

After thirty plus years of sedentary professional work, I quit a forty year smoking habit and started bulking up. After gaining too many pounds and seeing no end in sight I was encouraged to do something to gain control over my body and my future. I picked Coach Berry because he was trained by the military and then he trained the military. Coach Berry has enabled me to feel fit and strong. My children are amazed at my transformation. For the first time in many years I am wearing clothes sizes I haven’t worn or thought I’d ever get back into. More importantly, my energy, my attitude and my zest for life has returned with a thunder. Coach Berry has slowly but surely led me on a path of successful rejuvenation. Throughout the entire time I have never felt injured or strained; I just feel exercised and energized.

My older sister recently visited. When she returned home to Chicago my family could only remark that in the last year or so I took the right fork in the road and took control of my situation whereas my sister (God bless her) has been too busy and overwhelmed to avail herself of what is appropriate to rekindle the youthful spirit and physique Coach Berry has engendered and fostered. Like I was until I hooked up with Coach Berry, my sister is slowly gaining weight, becoming less agile and more limited in her physical abilities. Coach Barry has allowed me to turn the corner and get better with time, not worse.

The constant encouragement and expectation of success which Coach Berry exudes motivates most of us at the gym as does the observable results of the others who work out at the gym under Coach’s direction and tutelage.  When I see the wheel chair bumper attachment on a 75+ yr old patron who is now working out and no longer needs the wheel chair I know I have picked someone who has a tried and true method of improving the human body so limitations diminish as strength and endurance improve.

I really appreciate Coach’s insistent but slow and gradually increasing physical demands which avoid injury and enhance stamina and strength. I never had any formal physical training and am now convinced that Coach’s routine allows the entire body to improve. As the body improves, so does the spirit. I have not felt this good (and people tell me – looked this good) in years. It’s a lot of work and dedication but it is fruitful thanks to Coach’s experience, knowledge and encouragement.

I know I have added years of physical activity to my life and I know I have Coach Berry to thank.

Thanks Coach!

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