“Coach Berry cares about the health of people!”

Hello my name is Carol Dillard. I began working with Coach Berry because I was experiencing pain in my hip and lower back. He saw me limping and assured me that he could help me correct the problem. After going to his studio I found that he was very knowledgeable and quite personable. He explained that in order to have a healthy body, one had to pay attention to eating habits as well as exercising with an emphasis on consistency.

Once I began training with Coach I realized just how weak my muscles were. After the first week my back pain was gone and I found that I was sleeping straight through the night. The strength training combined with better eating habits eventually led to loss of weight and lower cholesterol levels.

Although I have reached my goals, I continue to work with Coach Berry to maintain a healthy body. He challenges and encourages everyone who comes to the studio. He knows the needs of each one of his clients and provides personal attention to all. It is this personal attention that keeps me here rather than attending a gym where I am left on my own.

I have observed Coach Berry working with the young and old with a variety of health conditions. I have talked with individuals who came to the studio suffering with fibromyalgia and are now pain free. Others who came in wheel chairs or using walkers and watched them improve to the point of not needing those “crutches”. Individuals have lost weight, toned their bodies, strengthened their bodies, eliminated or reduced the use of prescriptive medicine.

Coach Berry cares about the health of people! He is always seeking ways to educate people about ways to have and enjoy a better quality of life. The world needs to see and hear about the difference that can happen in their lives if they would only listen to what Coach Berry has to offer. His challenge is “Dare to be Fit” and believe me it can happen!

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