“He was relentless, professional and extremely funny!”

I am extremely disappointed to lose Coach Berry because of my relocation to Virginia. He was responsible for organizing, motivating and inspiring and designing an exercise program for me. In short, he took me from a few pounds less than the weight I was before giving birth to my second child; to one in which I am healthy, happy and fit. Furthermore, his management skills were evident through his constant supervision of my exercise program. He endeavored to make sure I was doing some kind of exercise daily. He was totally responsible for getting me started by customizing a program just for me. When I thought I could not walk one mile, he made me believe I could. Now I look forward to running several miles. I thought health maintenance was a chore, he made it a pleasure. He was relentless, professional and extremely funny.

If you want to become fit, but need that extra guidance, you should definitely consider Coach Berry. It will be an investment with great returns for the rest of your life.

Waletta (Cookie) Dunn

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