“Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!!!”

Dear Coach Berry,

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Words are not adequate to express my appreciation for what you have done and are doing with me through the training program.

I often recall the many weeks of pre-training coaching. Your visits at work encouraging me to come and try it out helped me take the first step. At that time I felt it would be great, but that I could never do it. With my walking and very limited exposure to training, I felt it was mission impossible, especially doing all the things that you talked about.

Even when you shared the tremendous success stories of your other clients, I thought it worked for them, but I’m different…..it won’t work.

You coached and coached and I finally got started. Well….it’s one of the best things that has happened to me since coming to California. Your professionalism along with your unique coaching style makes you a super trainer. Although I’ve only been working out for a short time, I am convinced I will reach my goal. After listening to the tapes you shared with me, I am convinced that Oprah’s trainer doesn’t have a thing on Coach Berry.

I know there are many others who can attest to the same thing. I only wish the 52 women I worked with in Philadelphia could have had access to your awesome training program. Who knows, when it goes nation wide, maybe you’ll open a training facility in Philadelphia.

I pray the lord’s richest blessings for you and your family. May your business continue to flourish as you offer the opportunity for “real change” in the lives of thousands.


Denise Custis

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