“Thank you Coach for the renewed energy and vigour!”

My name is Bianca Aiono, I’m a Personal Training studio owner living on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia and I built my business out of the boot of my car 3 years ago with a single client. Today my team of 5 and I have helped almost 1000 Sunshine Coast residents lose almost 7000 kilos of body fat and I have won multiple awards for my fully equipped private studio. I first heard about Coach Berry when I was just starting out, when I watched a video of a community public speaking event in which he listed all the amazing results he had got his clients. I was totally captured by the amazing results his women experienced but also his ability to remember all the personal details of each client which makes him connect with them, and everyone in the audience relate to them. I decided then that this is the kind of fitness business owner and public speaker I wanted to become.

It was only recently however that I connected with Coach Berry over Facebook, as naturally I had thought that being in the states, being as successful as he was, there was little opportunity for me to actually talk to Coach Berry, but I continued looking and learning at his website and YouTube videos, wistfully wondering what was his secret recipe. I was starting to struggle taking the next step in building my business, I had forgotten the fundamentals and I was feeling undervalued and underpaid. It felt like my business couldn’t survive long term without me putting in the long hours, late nights and early mornings – and it was depressing and frustrating me. I felt like I was butting my head against a glass ceiling, there was a piece of the puzzle I wasn’t getting in order to continue the same growth I had achieved in my beginning years. Sometimes I just feel like throwing my hands up in the air and running away to join the circus !

What an amazing turn around after just one (2 and a half hour ! ) conversation with Coach.

Coach Berry revealed to me:

  • a step by step plan on how to get clients in amazing shape
  • numerous business building strategies and highly effective and dollar productive networking strategies
  • a way to save my business $5,000 a month in printing and advertising strategies that weren’t working for me
  • an understanding as to why he is the juggernaut he is in the fitness industry and his community.
  • how to recession proof my business
  • how to ultimately help more people, earn more money, and gain more freedom ( what more do you need in life ! ? )

It is a true insight into the kind of person Coach is that he revealed not only his “secret recipe” of training but all the low cost business building fundamentals that I had forgotten – but I will now be able to implement again with conviction. He has touched the lives of so many trainers and clients alike who sing his praises as though he was one of their oldest and dearest  friends. I am a world away and yet I feel that he has personally invested in me to continue carrying the torch, and that I am a part of something bigger than just myself. As an entrepreneur you are often taking risks, sometimes they pay off , sometimes they don’t – and if you don’t have the right people around you to mentor you through the process it can feel like you’re out on the raw and ragged edge by yourself.

Thank you Coach for the renewed energy and vigour at which I will now smash through the glass ceiling and rocket my business to the next level. I look forward to updating you soon 🙂

Warmest regards

Bianca Aiono
Personal Fitness Coach
Natural Body Sculpting Champion

SculptLife Personal Training
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Q 4575

Ph : 5438 7609
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