“I would highly recommend that anyone looking to make positive changes in their fitness business contact him immediately!”

Jason Long

My wife and I recently had the privileged opportunity to visit and learn from Coach Berry at his studio in California as part of our vacation this past August 2010.  Although we were on our vacation and looking to escape from work and the occasional stress that follows, we found ourselves smiling from ear to ear and our heart rate slowing down as we received clarity, direction and a better understanding of various things we needed to begin implementing once we arrived home.  Stress and a sometimes clouded vision for your business as a whole, and profit potential that actually exist can easily be turned around when speaking to a live and in person successful business owner like Coach Berry.

My expectations going into our meeting was to hopefully have some of our key questions answered and maybe get a quick view of his facility in motion with clients present.  Maybe I should have known better from reading about the meetings other fitness professionals had with him because to compare anything he did with us to my expectations going into the meeting is actually fairly funny.  He over delivered every step of the way.  Greeting us outside the facility at our car to giving us the grand tour of not only his facility but his extremely extensive client result book, to answering every question we had and actually sharing what some would consider “proprietary” knowledge with us – how he conducts his group training, why his clients get such good results, how he consistently over delivers to his clients and provides them with that WOW service to a number of other things was pretty amazing.  We walked away with pages of notes, a ton of different emails with actual marketing campaigns he has used to bring in tons of clients, to newsletters and everything else in between; a couple DVD’s with live presentation footage of himself, and a stack of forms, important papers etc. that will further help Us in growing and providing a top notch product to our clients back home.

Meeting with coach was definitely a highlight of our trip and I would highly recommend that anyone looking to make positive changes in their fitness business contact him immediately.



Jason Long MS, CSCS, CPT
Owner, TREO Sports & Fitness

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