Coach Berry Was My Mentor and Coach!

Hello my name is Jackie Christiansen and I want the world to know about Coach Berry and his Dare to be Fit Program located in Oceanside, California. I trained with Coach Berry over 10 years ago to take my training up a notch. What I received back then was so much inspiration, motivation and someone who truly cared about me and my results. What a wonderful environment to thrive in. There were some days I was feeling down and Coach would come by and say just one positive compliment and that was enough to lift me up for the day. He always knew exactly what to say to motivate me. I then went on to start my own fitness and nutrition business. Guess who my mentor was? Yes it was the Coach! Coach Berry sets the standard for all trainers and training businesses.

Thanks for all your love, support, motivation and commitment to all of your clients.

Love you Coach! Keep spreading the love.

Thanks Coach Berry

Jackie Christiansen

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