“I’m honored that we have Coach Berry as a VIP member and part of the NPE Community!”

Sean Greeley

Sean Greeley

Sean NPE:

Thursday I sent out an email talking about the “King of Social Proof” Coach RB Berry of Oceanside, CA and a 3-step formula on how you get more more ‘social proof’ to use in your own marketing.

The first step in the entire process is to OVERDELIVER and give your clients everything they need to feel supported and achieve tremendous results.

Because once you’ve done THAT… it all gets pretty easy to accomplish steps #2 and 3.

Having an attitude of OVERDELIVERING to your clients really is a “Give to Get” Philosophy.

And it’s one that we practice and preach here at NPE.

Today I wanted to share with you a great email we received this week from VIP Member Angela Ramos who spent last week visiting her hometown of Oceanside, CA and stopped in to see VIP Member Coach Berry.

There are numerous lessons in here about WHY Coach Berry has become the “King of Social Proof” and it all comes back to his practicing the “Give To Get” Philosophy. He doesn’t just practice it with his clients, he practices it selflessly with everyone he meets.

Here’s Angela’s message:

“I just had to share this with NPE. I am currently on vacation in my hometown, Oceanside, California visiting my family and attending my high school reunion.

A few months back I was reading something in my VIP material that mentioned Coach Berry of Oceanside. I thought, “Wow! Someone is cranking it in my hometown!” I knew the next time I went home to visit I was going to somehow get myself in this guy’s studio.

I sent Coach Berry an email about two weeks before my vacation to see if he would allow me to come in and visit thinking I might get a half hour of his time, if I was lucky. He agreed to see me and gave me his contact info. I was stoked! I immediately contacted Camelia to see if she had any advice or words of wisdom for me to make the most out of my visit. She simply said, “Enjoy the show!” I had no idea what that meant but I was going to soon find out.

Upon initially walking through his studio door, I was bombarded with HUGE posters everywhere of his “angels”. There are NO bare walls in his place. Every inch is covered in a poster/picture of a client or motivational quote! I can see why he has no problem closing any prospects! On his front desk is a binder that is at least 5 inches thick full of even more before and after pictures. I started thinking back to my measly wall of fame and realized I had some work to do when I get home. Ha!

He graciously spent hours of his time over the course of a week giving me pointers, showing me the ropes for small group training, introducing me to his son, his clients, taking me on a bike ride to the beach and through my old neighborhood. He is down to earth and truly cares about his clients. I have been blessed to have been able to spend so much time with him and it’s not over yet. I have one more day left and he is again going to share selflessly with me the tricks of the trade.

Coach Berry has proven to me how awesome NPE is. This is an amazing group of professionals. I am proud to be a part of this organization. Coach Berry is an amazing fitness professional that I am honored to now call part of my family.

Thanks Coach Berry and NPE.”

Angela Ramos
Inspiration Fitness
Crown Point, IN

Take aways from this post:

  • Do you have “social proof” covering all the walls and multiple binders 5″ thick of client before and after photos?
  • If not, have you set a goal around how many people’s lives you want to change and then capture their success stories over the next 3, 6, and 12 months?
  • How can you and your staff continue to OVERDELIVER to your clients and the people you serve? Make a list and prioritize implementation.
  • How can you keep a “give to get” mindset and attitude in your head and in your heart throughout your daily interactions with those you meet… not with the expectation of gaining something, but just because it’s the ‘right thing’ to do?

I’m honored that we have Coach Berry as a VIP member and part of the NPE Community. If you want to come hang with Coach and spend some time getting to know all the other great members we have, be sure to register for MEGA TRAINING coming October 21-23 in Orlando, FL.

We’ve gonna have a blast and hope you can join us.

To your success,


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