Thank you Coach!!!

Ali Morrow

My name is Ali Morrow, I am 25 years old and have finally decided to become a personal trainer. I have been inspired for years by my fitness expert Coach Berry! Coach Berry began training me when I was only 15 years old. He was able to help me to achieve a strong, healthy and lean body. I hadn’t seen Coach Berry for nearly 10 years since moving to Santa Barbara for college. Now 10 years, I decided to track this man with a plan down! I looked him up online, checked out his website and just had to give him a call to express how inspired and moved I was to see such amazing results in ALL of his clients and the smiles on their faces! I knew then that after even 10 years I had to somehow make that 3.5-hour trip. I was hoping that he would take some time to share some of his wisdom and allow me to shadow to gain some experience. Coach Berry invited me to come by the studio and stated that he would be more than happy to assist me because I was still one of his “angels”! He spent nearly three hours with me the first day sharing amazing insight to the business and the training side as well. I received so much information that I was so completely blown away (honestly!). I attended a NASM CPT workshop the following 2 days and they touched on marketing tools, techniques, etc. The information was good but had no comparison to what I had learned the day before with Coach Berry. I smiled inside feeling like I had the “inside” secrets and tools! I received another phone call from Coach to return Sunday morning at 7AM for MORE information! He truly wants me to be successful with his giving heart. I was given copies of his DVD’s of him conducting health and fitness seminars for the community members of Oceanside, CA. In addition, he loaded up my laptop with what some would consider propriety information for his “Dare to be Fit” program.

Coach Berry is truly an expert in the nutrition, health and fitness arena. He shared over 20 photo albums of social proof and over 30 years of experience to back-up my claim. Like I said, I have personally experienced Coach Berry’s ability to transform so many never seen anyone that does it better with an open heart. I can honestly say that I feel so blessed to have someone like Coach Berry in my life and willing to take me under his wing. I am planning to come back and spend a week with Coach Berry so that I can become not just a personal trainer, but a health and fitness expert like my Coach! I just can’t get enough!

Thank you Coach!!!

Alison Morrow
Always your student!

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