We highly recommend Coach Berry to all desiring to get fit!

We joined Coach Berry’s Dare to be Fit training studio in April 07. Neither of us had any idea how to lift weights or get our 40++ year old bodies into shape. Mike was struggling with lower back issues and overweight and Clara had fibromyalgia and also overweight. Neither of us were doing ANY exercise.

We were so lucky to have stumbled across Coach Berry. We both remember the first day we went to his gym to check it out. We had already visited many gyms in the area and they all seemed to be intimidating as we didn’t know really what to do. One is easily at ease with Coach Berry and him teaching the proper way to lift weights. Coach Berry incorporates a complete system to allow those who want to get in shape to reach success. The proper weight training routine is imperative in losing weight and feeling fit. His goal of creating one into a “fat burning machine” works! Muscle burns fat all day long.

Mike had chronic lower back pain and extreme sciatica. His job demands a lot of sitting and the sitting aggravated the siatica nerve causing a painful pulse all the way down the right leg. Coach’s core build-up and coach’s stretching routines relieved the back issues. In 2009 Mike was hit by a car while riding his bicycle. The accident caused a stage 3 clavicle separation from his scapula. Most people would have required the doctor recommended surgery but to this day he still has not needed the surgery. Soon after the accident he started back at Coach’s with very light weights to rebuild damaged muscle and physical therapy exercises to stabilize the shoulder.

Clara was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1998. She had terrible pains in her legs that would keep her from sleeping. The fatigue then caused additional problems. Doctor prescribed drugs only covered the symptoms and left her just “blah”. Through good nutrition and Coach working with Clara for her to build her muscles slowly and with Coach even messaging out pains; Clara was able to develop and maintain a great gym workout.

Her Fibromyalgia symptoms are much less now after following coaches program. She can maintain her fitness with a daily workout routine and feels the wellbeing of being fit.

We both feel so much better being near our target weight and body mass and feeling strong and looking fit. Coach has the best program for weights, cardio, core fitness, stretching, and he is always urging to watch the intake so to make the work-outs more beneficial to goals.

A member will quickly find the many benefits of Coach Berry’s gym. It is a friendly family atmosphere and Coach is always willing to message out the frequent pains that come from becoming fit. Later one learns to enjoy the “burn” as you know it creates results. It seemed that for the first several months it took all our energy just to do the workouts. However, after that initial “getting into shape” curve we feel so great, and also deprived if we do not do our, almost, daily routine that Coach taught us. We believe that being in shape has kept all the pains that used to ail us on a regular basis to almost nonexistent.

We highly recommend Coach Berry to all desiring to get fit, to learn how to lift weights properly, and achieve the body they desire. Stick to his routine and you will win.

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