My Name is Lecia Outlaw and Let Me Tell You About Coach Berry and His Dare to be Fit Program!

I have known Coach Berry for the past nine years.  As soon as I met him, I knew almost immediately he was one of North County San Diego and Oceanside’s Top Fitness Expert. He introduced me to his ‘Dare to be Fit Program’ and I could not believe the amount of social proof of client he had of people my age and people twice my age that had achieve such amazing results.  I decided to hire him as my personal trainer and fitness coach.  We just happened to live on the same street.  Coach Berry is a retired Master Gunnery Sergeant with 25 plus years from the United States Marine Corps and he was dead serious about my results. If I missed a workout he would come knocking on my door to find out why I did not show up for my work out that day.  Lame excuses were not acceptable.

Coach Berry’s program allowed me to achieve superb results in record time.  He also taught me how to eat right and take care of myself mentally and physically to be able to live a long healthy and successful life.  Money was not important to him, my health was.  I needed a job at the time, so Coach let me worked for him as a Day Care Provider at his Studio.  During that time, I saw so many lives change as we worked out with him.  Not only did we lose weight, our attitudes and personality changed to positive thinking. We had more confidence in ourselves, greater self-esteem than before, greater inner and outer appearance, and most of all begin to realize we are important.  Coach Berry made sure he reminded each one of us how important we were each time we showed up.  I was going through some serious problems with my former husband and it was a night mare.  He was drinking out of controlled and I didn’t no where to turn.

My children were feeling the pressure as well. We (my two children and I) were in counseling. Coach Berry stood by my children and me.  I finally divorced him and have since re-married. I’m very happy. My daughter received a full four year scholarship to Long Beach State College for track and field.  Thanks to Coach Berry and his ‘Dare to be Fit Program’ she excelled in high school sports. During the summer, she trained at Coach Berry’s gym. My son also excelled in academics and is now attending LSU for his law degree.  We have been truly blessed to have the Lord and Coach Berry on our side. He is not just a personal trainer. He is the ultimate Fitness and life Coach as I have just explained in my life story.  My new and wonderful husband, Larry Outlaw and I have been training with Coach Berry and his amazing team for the past few months.  When I went back to be trained I also brought my new husband.  Coach Berry welcomed us both with a grateful heart.

I recommend anyone who is serious about their health and want to change their lives; Coach Berry is the man you are looking for!

Thank you Coach Berry for being a Constance force in our lives!

Lecia Outlaw
Oceanside, CA.

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