“I am now well on my way to a superb, firm, and healthier body thanks to Coach Berry!”

My name is Sharen, I am 64 years old and proud of it, and thanks to coach Berry’s Dare to be Fit Program, superb training techniques and guidance. I am now well on my way to a superb, firm, and healthier body thanks to Coach Berry Oceanside most famous fitness expert.
I retired 3 yrs ago, moved onto a boat and began to cruise the eastern coast of the pacific. I stopped exercising, but continued to eat and drink whatever I felt like, it was like a 3 year vacation, but like everything it has its consequences. I had lost most of my muscle mass and replaced it with fat. Of course when I looked in the mirror I would say “it doesn’t look so bad for an old lady”, but the truth of the matter was I hated it and was embarrassed to put a bathing suit on (when on a boat in the tropics that is all you want to wear) and began to wear more really loose dresses. The other negative was my arthritic knees began hurting most everyday because of the added weight I was carrying. When my husband and I came back to Oceanside to visit our children and grand-children, I was complaining to our daughter about how fat and unhappy I felt. Her response to me was “come with me to this guy named coach Berry” he works with all ages of men & women, then she showed me his brochure with these women on them but the one that stood out the most, of course, was the 62 year old women who looked like she was 40. I thought to myself, maybe there is hope after all. As it turn out my daughter had been working out with him for three weeks and loved the results she was seeing and he was offering a 3 day trial for free with no strings attached. How could I say no to that? So here we go that following Sat. to meet up with coach Berry. When I first saw him I thought: OH MY GOD he looks like a drill sergeant, he’s going to kill me, there’s no way he is going to understand my limitations. WELL I was wrong on all counts. As my Daughter describes him “he is endearing and really cares about each and every one of his students”. After the third day I was hooked and really wanted to continue with training but there was a concern that I had not mention and that was I only had 5 weeks to get into shape. My husband and I were flying back down to the boat (it was moored in Ecuador) to continue cruising. When I told coach the problem he looked at me and said “if you’re willing to work with me and push yourself at each session you will get what you wish for but it will take focus and desire”. So began my 5 week plan.

I won’t lie to you, I had worked out most of my life and understand what it takes to get into shape but I had no idea how easy it was to loose it all. Of course getting fat was a lot more fun and no effort what so ever but the end result was pain and unhappiness. Because I knew how good I had felt about myself before (it’s a terrible thing to be embarrassed about yourself) I wanted to feel that way again. Maybe it was a good thing to loose what I use to be, I think I took it for granted. I know that what people think is fat is relative to each person. For some its being 10 to 30 lbs over weight and to others its 100 to 200 lbs but the bottom line is the results are the same “self loathing” every time they look in the mirror. Well I hated that feeling and am willing to do what it takes to get the inches and pounds off. Thus coach Berry is now a part of my life for the next 5 weeks. I will be seeing more of him than my friends and family during this time period.
I am now in my 2nd week and I look fatter than ever, how depressing is that. Thank God I know why, because I would want to give up otherwise. Now you ask yourself WHY? Well when you are toning your muscles, they tighten from the inside out thus the fat is pushed to the surface where it is more visible. During these two weeks I have been really impressed with coach Berry and his sensitivity to my strengths and limitations not to mention correcting my body positions for maximum results, for years I had been lifting weights in the wrong position, what a waste of time that was. This is week 3 and I have increased my cardio to 45 min. to an hour four days a week because I know that is the fastest way to lose fat. Personally I hate to run on the tread mill so coach let me do what I enjoy, ride a bike or do a Jazzercise class. Then I spend 45 min at the gym with him and his guidance 5 to 6 days a week. A friend came up to me at Jazzercise and told me that I look like I have lost some weight (she doesn’t know what I have signed up to do) that really put a smile on my face.
Well this is week 5 and I am anxious to find out what the results read. I must admit I have worked pretty hard but where I could have been better was my eating and drinking (wine). I have never dieted in my life; I believe that moderation works in most cases. So what I have done is cut back on everything and increased my protein intake. Tomorrow coach will take my measurements and weight so I’m really nervous not to mention that he is going to take pictures of the end result. I haven’t a clue what tomorrow will bring but I can tell you this, having a personal trainer is the best thing I have ever had. Because of my history in the exercise field I know a good trainer when I see one and coach Berry is the best. Trust me when I say he knows what he is doing, I have experienced it. But it’s not just that, he is also affordable. I have never found a trainer that charged less than $55.00 an hour, hire him/her for 10 days and you have put out $550.00 where as coach Berry only charges $300.00 a month and you can go as often as you want. He gently encourages you to go beyond your own Expectations and he helps you to believe in yourself again.
A final note to all of you who may look at the end result and think to yourself wow sign me up and expect the same results. Please, please remember that I use to work out so I had muscle memory which makes all the difference in the world. When you have not had any exercise in your life you will have to spend time making those muscles wake up and work for you which is very frustrating when you want immediate gratification because there is no pill or easy way to do it. When it’s all said and done the work is worth it because you know you have earned good health and fitness and no one is going to take it away From neither you nor do you want to lose it and start all over again.

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