“Coach Berry sees with his heart!”

I thank God for leading me to Coach Berry.

Six years ago, I had gastric bypass surgery. I was very successful with my weight loss at first, but after a few years I started getting lazy with my exercise routine, started eating again in ways I shouldn’t, and soon found myself on my way back up the scale.

I had gone to a major fitness chain in the past but never stayed with it long. It seemed they just didn’t have the tools needed to help someone with my extensive weight problem. They were just all fluff. I eventually became bored at that gym and quit, and kept eating. I was very discouraged and on the fast-track back upwards on the scale.

Then I saw an ad in the local paper about Coach Berry and “Dare To Be Fit”, and I knew in my heart I had to go talk to him.

I weighed 320 pounds the day I walked in to see him. I was certain he was going to look at me as a hopeless case, but he did the exact opposite.

He immediately had a vision of my potential and focused right in on that.

Thankfully, he wouldn’t let me “wait” until Monday to start working out the next Monday, like starting yet another diet – Coach said it was time to get busy right then and there!

I was so heavy at first that Coach Berry had to help me lift my legs while lying on the abdominal table. I was mortified, but Coach acted as if it were the norm. He never once made me feel awkward or uncomfortable. And within one week’s time, I no longer needed his help lifting my legs and I was on my way to achieving the mobility, weight loss, and smaller body that he saw in me that first day he met me! What a great feeling that first quick result gave me!

Coach Berry sees with his heart. He is a very experienced and skilled trainer who knows the human body very well, and best of all has the ability to meet each person on their individual level, knowing exactly what is needed.

It is now exactly one year later, and I am almost 100 pounds lighter, many inches smaller, and so much happier and more confident. Coach Berry taught me that taking care of my body with proper diet and exercise is a daily lifestyle choice for all of us. No surgery in the world can excuse you from that. We can completely change our lives for the better by doing so!

I still have another 60 pounds or so to go, but I have no doubt I will achieve that by continuing to work with Coach Berry. He has made a major difference in my life, and I can’t encourage enough to anyone else with a major weight problem, whether you’ve had surgery or not, to put yourself in the hands of the Coach with vision, the know-how, and the beautiful heart.

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